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Frequently asked questions.

  1. Chargebacks: All fraudulent chargebacks will be sent to a collections agency. All accounts in collections will also receive a 10% late fee every month. As well as all *NEW* customers will be charged upon booking no matter how far out you book.
  2. How To Book

    When booking a move-in/Move out cleaning you MUST select the move-in move out package. If you do not, we are not liable for it to be a completed move out/move in and most likely will not confirm the booking.If your home is larger than 2 bed 2 baths you are REQUIRED to select deep cleaning. It is not fair to expect our staff members to clean your entire home in less time. The deep cleaning allocates the necessary time to properly clean these large homes.

    How to determine if your home is “Slightly Dirty, Pretty Dirty or Very Dirty.”

    If your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned within the last year, you should select “Very Dirty”.

    If your home has been cleaned within the last 6 months, you should select “Pretty Dirty”

    If your home has been professionally cleaned within the last 3 months, you should select “Slightly Dirty”

If you cancel before 48 hours you will receive a full refund to the payment information on file.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking, your booking is credited to your account to use whenever you’d like. 

If you cancel within 24 hours, it is a non refundable full charge. 

Monday – Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm


  • Kitchen (clean sink out, counter tops, cabinet faces upper and lower, stove top)
  • All exterior surfaces in all rooms
  • Floors are mopped and vacuumed
  • Bathroom (complete toilet clean, shower, handles, tub, drain)
  • Bedroom  shelving, nightstands, bed frames, tidy up bed)
  • All window sills


Extra charge:

  • All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)
  • The extra time included in deep cleans allows for more detailed work in the above mentioned standard cleaning.

Everything mentioned about in the regular cleaning, plus:

  • Baseboards
  • Light switches & Door handles
  • Detailed Dusting
  • Back Splashes and Faucet Fixtures are polished
  • Light organization of all rooms (for detailed organization select add on)
  • Extra hour included for high detail areas


When booking a Move Out or Move In clean, you can expect an all inclusive service. This is our most detailed package and includes 4 of the 7 extra services we offer which you can add to any level of service. These extras include: Inside oven, inside fridge, inside cabinets, and inside all windows. This clean is intended to turn the home someone once lived in, into its original state and ready for new homeowners.

We do not charge for rescheduling as long as it is done before 48 hours of your original booking. Please see our Cancellation & Refund FAQ for further information.

If you cancel a cleaning at least 48 hour before the scheduled cleaning then you will not be charged. If you cancel within the 48 hour window then the amount for the cleaning will be credited to your account with no penalty for future use.

Sign in to your account and under settings select billing. In that section it’ll allow you to update billing, address of clean, and your current subscription.

By default you will receive any cleaner that is available, however, when booking you can select your preferred cleaner. Please understand that our employees may be sick or request time off, in which case they may not be available to schedule.

You do not. However, if it’s your first time signing up for a cleaning, initial introductions always help develop a personable relationship with your home specialist.

Yes, it is actually preferred after the initial visit.

We do recommend tipping, however, there is no suggested percentage. Any amount is appreciated by your home specialist.

There is an allotted time for every cleaning based on which cleaning you booked. Cleaners will always find more to do to clean up your home with the time you’ve paid for. If a cleaner does happen to leave early contact us immediately.

If you are not happy with the service for any reason please call us immediately for further instructions. A Re-scheduled clean must be made within 2 business days of the original appointment.

Yes, this is required to ensure your day and time is reserved and to protect ourselves from fraudulent billings.

This is most likely due to your home needing more cleaning than what the selected plan provides. An additional booking must be made. There is an option to select “deep cleaning” which adds more time to your booking for homes that need a little extra love. 

Areas that are often left cluttered will have the added time for proper organization. Some areas that are often left unorganized are pantry’s, bedroom closets, bathroom counters, entryways, kitchen counters, etc. Please note that there is an allotted time for organization. If your home is too cluttered, there may not be enough time to organize everything.

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